Larry and Alien

About Alien

Alien Gonzalez is many things on purpose. Whatever someone want's to imagine when I ask what do you think Alien is? I answer them, you are exactly correct. In my mind, alien is three things. 

Back when I was coming up for  a name, I wanted to do something with "Larry" in it, "The Larrys" was already taken so I figured I had to come up with a "partner" so it would "Larry and ..." something. In the back corner of my basement was an inflateable alien I purchased for my son at a "rockets for school" event. So my initial thought was "Larry and the Alien". I later decided that the alien's name should be Alien Gonzalez (patterned after the refugee Illian Gonzalez) and shortened the name to "Larry and Alien". 

I have always had a fascination with aliens, maybe not the ones you would see on X-Files or in the movies. But the prospect of life on other planets, even bacterial life is proof enough that aliens exist. 

Back when I conceptualized this one man show I anticipated buying a looping pedal which is a device that can record a segment of music then play it back repetedly. The idea was to create a loop then play leads over the loop, also helpful to work out two guitar parts in some songs that are a bit empty with only one guitar. One day I will own a looper pedal and will be good enough with it to bring on stage and take my performances to the next level. Stay Tuned!!!!!!!

Over time I came to realize that I am Alien. It's sort of like Jeckyl and Hyde. Now I can blame Alien for any on-stage mistakes ;) If you ask me what planet I'm from I'm likely to respond Uranus, LOL. 

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